Hi there.

My name is Chris and I am passionate about what I do.

My background is in Graphic Design/Art Direction and I have over 13 years experience in creating for large brands and intellectual properties. My background includes working at agencies that are traditional, interactive, small, and large.

I love to create things. Throughout my experiences I have created websites and mobile apps. Posters and print ads. Commercials and short films. Logos and more.

I love to sell things. I have managed creative teams across multiple brands growing client relationships in the process. Both which have lead to expanding existing accounts and earning new ones.

I love UNC basketball. GO HEELS!

I love digital. I have a big interest in the interactive side of advertising. I believe in creating experiences that people genuinely want to interact with.

I love telling stories. While this is true in any medium, I am always working on scripts for my future career in comics (or graphic novels as adults call them).

I love...Nevermind. That's enough for now.