Integrated Movie Launch Sponsorship

For the fourth installment of Disney's Pirates franchise we tapped into the thrill of life as a pirate. Fan's could go from putting a personalized stamp on the Pirate's Code book to participating in their very own treasure hunt with the Verizon exclusive Pirate Discovery App.



Sponsorship Site

A pirate's life for ... well anyone. With a visually compelling and content rich site we made it easy for any fan to become a pirate. Each week during the campaign we unlocked a new activity that made each visit more and more immersive.


Week 1 - Tortuga Times

A mad libs style newspaper from the island most pirates call home. Just pick a pirate adventure fill in the gaps and upload your photo to become the day's headline.


Week 2 - Pirate Translator

If you want to fit in around pirates you better be able to speak the language. With our handy translator you typed in what you want to say and it spit out a more piratized version.


Week 3 - The Pirate Code

The pirate code, an ancient text that all pirates live by, has long remained unchanged. We thought it was time for an update so we allowed fans to add and share their own laws of the land, err sea.


Week 4 - Two Chalices

It's not worth being a pirate without a little risk, so we brought the fountain of youth from the movie to the real world via Facebook. There are two chalices, one gives life, the other death. Choose poorly and watch as your profile ages in front of you. Choose wisely and watch it happen to a friend.



Yahoo Homepage Takeover

We took over Yahoo's homepage with an in your face RM unit. And it worked, outperforming every other Yahoo ad ever. Thats right I said EVER!



Pirate Discovery App

Fans of the franchise could go on their own treasure hunt by using their smart phones to play for rewards. Video ID technology allowed fans to use the app to detect Pirates movie trailers and in turn unlock real world prizes.