World Premiere Movie Launch

Cartoon Network's newest movie, Level Up, blurred the lines between the online gaming world and reality. So to promote it we did the same by opening portals to the show's fictional realm all over the internet.


YouTube Takeover



In Banner Game

RM Banners served as another portal for game monsters to sneak through to our world. Act fast enough and not only could you send them back, but you would get some cool rewards. 



Fan Kit

We rewarded loyal fans who watched the premiere live with a series of papercraft kits. Equipped with the monsters, characters and magic items from the movie, they could bring the fun into the real world.


Animated Skin



World Premiere iAd

Cartoon Network's first iAd proved to be a huge success and was even featured in Apple's iAd Gallery. In the interactive ad fans could meet the characters, watch exclusive trailers and content, download wallpapers and set a reminder to watch the premiere.



Successful Launch

Cartoon Network's animated/live action hybrid performed extremely well, breaking viewing records and premiering as the number one show in its time slot among multiple age groups. Fans loved it so much that later that year not only did the movie get its own real life RPG, but Wyatt and company returned to the silver screen on a weekly basis.

Premiered at #1

Success spiraled into spinoff show

Featured in iAd Gallery