Integrated Game Launch

Tom Clancy's Future Solider brought futuristic and advanced weaponry to a beloved franchise. So to tease fans we wanted to find ways to let them try out this incredible technology first hand.



Interactive OOH

By turning OOH ads and bus stops into interactive target ranges, fans could try out some of the futuristic weapons found in the game and learn their nuances. Do a good enough job and they could unlock special in-game upgrades.



Interactive Print

Print ads that test fans' sense of intuition by giving them a scenario from the game and allowing them to choose which futuristic technology to use to handle the situation. By snapping a picture of the corresponding QR code the scene would play out on their phones letting them know if they made the right choice.



Hidden Messages

The point of being a Ghost is to not be seen, so we proposed OOH ads that could only be read from the right perspective.