Chick-fil-A Social

Our team not only established Chick-fil-A's presence across every social platform, but helped them tap into their rabid fan base to build strong communities of brand advocates.



Never Ending BBQ Table

To help launch the new Smoke House Barbecue Sandwich, we turned the, often mind-numbing, act of scrolling into a fun and engaging experience filled with hidden games, prizes, crafts and other suprises.


Wanna check out all 1,300+ photos, but don't have all day? Here is the table in it's entirety. Sped up or course.



Frosted Strawberry Lemonade Stand

Nothing sells lemonade faster than a lemonade stand right? On the first day of spring we opened our own pop-up lemonade stand live on Facebook. Fans told us their favorite things about spring and in exchange we gave them a refreshing beverage. And whatever their favorite things were we added them to the live stream. Birds? Check. Bubbles? Check. Bunnies? Duh.

The pop-up stand was such a success we took it on the social road with random appearances on Twitter and Instagram. We even gave a way free drinks in the hottest U.S. city each day.


Pop-Up Stand on Facebook Live

CFA_Strawberry Frosted Lemonade_01.jpg

Scratch Reel Hidden Messages

CFA_Strawberry Frosted Lemonade_02.jpg

Geo-targeted Ads in Hottest Cities

CFA_Strawberry Frosted Lemonade_03.jpg

Instagram Story Pop-Up Stands

CFA_Strawberry Frosted Lemonade_04.jpg
  • FB Live video had over 65K organic views during it's 20 minute airing.
  • Outperformed all previous live videos with 56x more views, 10x more peak viewers, 5x more positive reactions.
  • And personal win, hardly any comments about Spicy Chicken Biscuit or Coleslaw :)
  • Every pop-up stand sold out within minutes.


Valentine's Day IG Story

Valentine's Day was made for grand gestures. Through mentions and tags we let our fans use our Instagram stories to express their feelings. I guess saying "I love you" in front of over a million fans is pretty grand right?

  • Over 2.5 million organic impressions
  • 20,000+ fans clicked through all 100 frames of our Instagram love story
  • 99 couples lived happily ever after (we hope)


Behind The Menu

Chick-fil-A wanted to be more transparent about their menu and that led us to build an experience that allowed fans to learn about those delicious looking meals they saw in their Instagram feeds. Tags on every photo we posted led to custom Instagram handles for each product that included nutritional info, pairing recommendations, fun facts and more.