Name Your Bud Promotion

Long before Coca Cola started putting names on cans, we aimed to bring to life Budweiser's famous slogan "This Bud's for you" by renaming the beer after our loyal customers.



Custom Labels

We designed an online portal that would allow customers to create their own unique Bud labels. So instead of reading "Budweiser: King of Beers" It was now "Rick: King of the Party". Not only could you order your own custom case of "Rick's", but you could get your fancy new label on T-shirts, koozies and more.


Know what you want to name your beer? Then go ahead and type if right on the label.

Know what you want to name it? Type it right on the label.

If you need some help, just answer a few questions and we will generate a name just for you.

If you needed some help we had a nifty name generator based on your preferences.


Personalized Brewery Tour

Customization didn't stop at the bottles. We wanted to hand over the keys to the brewery as well. By tapping into a facebook profile, you could go on a virtual tour of the "enter your name here" brewery. Your name and likeness appeared everywhere, truly making each Bud for you.


Media Extensions

Plans to promote "Name Your Bud" using RM banners and a fan created calendar of events.