Big Pak Product Launch Campaign

Orbit's new bigger pack contained an obscene amount of clean; enough to clean up even the foulest mouth. To prove it we launched the career of fictional rapper Big Pak, whose mouth was so flippin dirty it took 35 pieces of orbit to clean him up.


Case Study Video



Social Presence

Back in the day if you were a musician you had a MySpace page and Big Pak was no different. Orbit Studios served as the hub of his career. Here you could watch Big Pak's music videos and Stay Clean PSAs, learn some clean vocabulary and shop Big Pak's personal clothing line. 



Obscenely Clean Clothing Line

To cement Big Pak's legitimacy we gave him his very own clothing line. Duh. Man I really wish I could have kept that hoody!



Dirty Word App

Take Big Pak with you to help clean up your foul language on the go. Just enter a dirty word and it gave you back a cleaned up alternative.


We Won A Mickey Fickin Gold Effie!